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English As Second Language

English is the most common language today. Learning English as a Second Language (ELS) can improve students’ understanding and communication in English. ESL classes teach basic or advanced language skills such as reading, writing, listening, conversational English, grammar, comprehension and vocabulary. Odyssia Learning incorporates your interests and cultural experience to tailor a program unique to you.

Odyssia Learning offers a flexible program, comprised of on-line content with live interaction. The program provides you with the tools needed in order to study on your own, and have access to our elite teachers. Learn at your own pace, and on your own time. All of your lessons and practice tests are on-line, ready when you’re ready to use them!

You Will Learn:

• Improved communication skills

• Write engaging documents and letters

• Converse in English

• Expand your vocabulary

• English Grammar

Integrated Skills: This course includes listening, speaking, reading and writing
basic English. This class meets for 6 hours a week.

Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation– all levels: This course will focus on
improvement of the students pronunciation and comprehension of English. This
class meets 3 hours a week.

Reading/Writing: This course will focus on improving students’ English
vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills. This class meets 3 hours per

Idioms/Prepositions/Vocabulary: This course will focus on learning basic English
and begin engaging in simple dialogs and conversation that are applicable to a
variety of real life situations. This class meets 3 hours per week.

Odyssia Learning has 3 levels of ESL Instruction: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Programs
All levels teach you:
1. Integrated Skills
2. Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation
3. Reading/Writing
4. Idioms/Prepositions/Vocabulary