Course Category: Continuing Education

O-Level Additional Mathematics

Coming 2022! This course is intended for high-ability learners who have achieved, or are likely to achieve grade A*, A or B in the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics examination. The Course enables learners to extend the mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding developed in the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics course and use skills in the context of more …

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O-Level Mathematics

Coming 2022! Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics encourages the development of mathematical knowledge as a key life skill. Access to to aid in learning. This course aims to build learners’ confidence by helping develop a feel for numbers, patterns and relationships, and places a strong emphasis on solving problems, and presenting and interpreting results.

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Training

Odyssia Learning’s Teacher-Training Course offers practical tools and strategies to assist teachers working with Special Needs population. The Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Training course will give learners a broad understanding of disabilities and strategies for effectively teaching a wide range of learners. Students with disabilities face many challenges, however, with appropriate instruction and an understanding …

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Behavior Management

In this course you’ll learn what behavior is, the ABC’s of behavior and how to teach replacement behaviors using antecedent and consequent strategies. We will help you to understand what reinforcement is, and how to administer.   *Pre-requsite: Understanding Autism

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

This training course provides comprehensive instruction on the popular MS Office 2010 program: PowerPoint 2010.We help you gain knowledge and understanding of how to create presentations and more using MS PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2010 adds easy-to-use interactive features that make the usual slides of boring bulleted text and charts a relic of the past.  PowerPoint is one of …

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Microsoft Office Excel 2010

In the MS Excel course, we help you understand and successfully use the program in your business and everyday life. MS Excel can be used for the most complex or simplest of tasks, and can be easily done using the knowledge you gain from our MS Excel 2010 course. MS Excel 2010 is a spreadsheet program …

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Microsoft Office Word 2010

In this MS Word course, we introduce you to the layout; providing you step-by-step instructions on how to benefit from the most commonly used features in MS Word. MS Word 2010 will be a breeze with all the writing, formatting, editing, and publishing tools this version offers.  This course will give you a tour of …

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English as a Second Language

English As Second Language English is the most common language today. Learning English as a Second Language (ELS) can improve students’ understanding and communication in English. ESL classes teach basic or advanced language skills such as reading, writing, listening, conversational English, grammar, comprehension and vocabulary. Odyssia Learning incorporates your interests and cultural experience to tailor a …

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