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Understanding Autism

This course introduces key concepts, data, and research about the epidemic, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The course is appropriate for any individual who wants to learn more about autism and how to treat it.

Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder and about professional tools and strategies from doctoral-level consultants.

Odyssia Learning offers a comprehensive course in ASD that is divided into four, eight-week modules. Students will learn practical tools and strategies to deal with children with Autism Spectrum and other related disorders. Upon completion of all modules and fieldwork, students earn a Certificate of Completion demonstrating preparedness to work with individuals who have been diagnosed with autism.

Students Will Explore:

• Different ways to Define Autism

• Current Prevalence of Autism

• How Autism is Diagnosed

• Core Features of Autism

• Related Disorders

• Types of Intervention

• Behavioral Intervention Techniques

• Other Supportive Strategies such as Sensory Integration and more

Course Requirements: Computer, microphone, email, and internet access.